Feminism and Modern Philosophy (Understanding Feminist Philosophy)

The history of modern philosophy is a major topic in philosophy and is crucial to an understanding of the advent of feminist philosophy. Feminism and Modern Philosophy introduces fundamental topics in modern philosophy from a feminist perspective. It takes the student through the subject step by step by looking at the main thinkers most usually examined on a course in modern philosophy and by examining the role of gender in studying classic philosophical texts.

The book covers the following structure looking at the ideas and work of the important thinkers in this period:

* Rereading the canon
* The attack on modernist philosophical reason
* The nature of “Man”
* The search for male allies
* Discovering women philosophers
* Are there universal philosophical truths?
* The function of history within the discipline of philosophy

Each chapter looks closely at the way in which the traditional philosophical canon has been re-interpreted by feminist theory and examines the implications for our interpretation of specific texts. It looks at, for example:
* A feminist critique of Cartesian rationalism
* The implications of Locke’s state of nature for the idea of the family
* An appreciation of Hume’s unique “collaboration” with Annette Baier

Chapters close with a summary and the book contains an extensive annotated bibliography.

Andrea Nye’s style is student friendly and will be ideal for anyone coming to the topic for the first time. It will be appropriate for philosophy as well as gender studies courses looking at the development of modern Western thought.


link ebook : Feminism and Modern Philosophy


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